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The Hull Curriculum – Get involved


The Hull Curriculum 

Come and join 40 other primary schools and get involved with the Hull Curriculum.

Launched in October 2016, the Hull Curriculum is a city-wide curriculum focussed on 20 of Hull’s key histories, as chosen by teachers, and celebrates Hull’s rich cultural and historical developments through its key people, places and events. The Hull Curriculum and its supporting resources and programmes enable and enhance the delivery of the 2014 National Curriculum whilst developing children’s knowledge and key skills and instilling pride for the city that they live in – ensuring a sustainable and long term legacy of Hull being UK City of Culture in 2017.

Heritage Learning’s work has recently led to national recognition for our partner schools and has been seen as an example of best practice nationally by local authorities and national organisations. In May, we received the Highly Commended Award at the 2017 Museums + Heritage Awards for the Hull Curriculum project.

As we move through 2017 UK City of Culture our ambition is to see the Hull Curriculum grow and develop as an outstanding legacy for local schools.

What your school gets…

Schools are able to join at a level which suits their school’s need and budget. Our ‘Standard Digital Package’ is designed to continue to build on the relationship, support and high quality digital offer for Hull Curriculum schools, in line with teacher consultation. Our ‘Premium Award Package’ is seeking to develop and deliver new learning programmes, pop up exhibitions and a nationally recognised Heritage Schools Award that will enable your school to fully embed the Hull Curriculum and enrich your classroom and ‘out-of-school’ teaching.

Standard Digital Package

Schools joining at the standard digital level will be able to gain access to the following key elements to teach the Hull Curriculum:

Support in teaching the Hull Curriculum

A dedicated Hull Curriculum Officer, within the Heritage Learning team will deliver in-school staff meetings introducing your teachers to the Hull Curriculum, the 20 key histories and how to use the Interactive Digital Platform as a planning and learning resource as well as offering ongoing support. As we develop new digital resources and histories in line with your needs, they will keep you informed and trained in how to make the most of your resource.

Interactive Digital Platform

The Hull Curriculum Interactive Digital Platform is a dynamic multimedia online teaching resource showcasing the 20 key histories. The Interactive Digital Platform provides schools with access to high quality learning resources, images and videos from Hull’s museums and Ferens Art Gallery collections; archive material from the Hull History Centre and UK wide partners such as Reckitt Benckiser (RB) and The National Fairground Archive and expert research from organisations and institutions such as The University of Hull and Amnesty International UK. Each key history is supported with teaching ideas enabling teachers from across phases to plan engaging cross-curricular topics. The platform also showcases best practice ideas from schools for how to bring the Hull Curriculum key histories to life back in the classroom. Our dedicated member of staff will keep the resource up to date, continue to grow and develop the platform adding new digital content and histories in line with teacher and pupil consultation, needs and research.

 Hull Curriculum School Roadshow

Each year, Heritage Learning will go on the road visiting schools to engage your pupils with the Hull Curriculum key histories and new content as well as promoting dedicated out-of-school opportunities for them to get involved with.


Premium Award Package

Schools joining at our Premium Award Level will receive everything within ‘Standard Digital Package’ as detailed above as well as all additional elements listed below:

 Pop-up Exhibitions

You’ll be able to host your own Hull Curriculum exhibition in school, exploring selected histories from the top 20. Available for schools to book on a half-termly basis these exhibitions will feature high impact visual interpretation boards, related artefacts and our Hull Curriculum character cut outs. These engaging exhibitions will also include opportunities for your pupils to respond and develop the exhibition in line with their own work. Available from September 2017.

Priority Access to linked learning programmes and creative projects

To enhance ‘out-of-school’ learning opportunities for schools, your school will gain priority access to pilot new workshops linked to selected key histories across Hull Museums, Ferens Art Gallery and Hull History Centres sites. During 2017-18 you will also be able to bid for your school to take part in exclusive creative project opportunities with internationally exhibiting artists and award winning creative practitioners.

 National Heritage Schools Award

Heritage Learning is proud to announce a new and exclusive partnership with Historic England (formerly English Heritage). The partnership is dedicated to ensuring all Hull Curriculum schools can work towards attainment of the Heritage Schools Award.

The Heritage Schools Award is a national award which can only be obtained by recommendation from Heritage Learning. It has been designed to recognise, promote and celebrate a schools commitment to ensuring children and young people connect with and enjoy their local heritage.

Heritage Learning’s ‘Premium Award Package’ is committed to supporting you as a Hull Curriculum school to attain this award, recognising on a national level your commitment to embedding the study of local heritage into your over-arching school strategy and curriculum. Valid for the three years, each successful school will receive a Heritage School Award plaque for display in school, special achievement certificates for participating pupils and be listed and recognised on a national website.

In order to help your school obtain the Heritage Schools Award, Heritage Learning will:

  • Provide CPD and training opportunities in partnership with Historic England to develop knowledge and skills linked to the Hull Curriculum and how to embed it within your school.
  • Assist with the application process and submission.
  • Hold an annual VIP Heritage School Award ceremony for schools who successfully obtain the award.
  • Nominate outstanding applications for the advanced award and national ‘Heritage Angel Awards’ held annually in London.
  • Provide ongoing advice, support and creative planning ideas.

Want to join?

We hope that has given you a flavour of what to expect as a Hull Curriculum member. If you want to join our current Hull Curriculum members, then please get in touch. Call us: 01482 318733 or send us an email:

Get in touch

01482 318 733
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