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Museums are not just about history. At Heritage Learning we offer an exciting range of science-based sessions for your mini scientists. Supporting teaching and learning from the Foundation Stage through to Year 6, we have sessions which will enhance your science topics back in the classroom.

Transport Through Time

Our tram conductor has lost their tram and needs your pupils’ help to find it! Based in the Streetlife Museum, your pupils will explore large scale historic vehicles comparing modern day transport with modes from the past.  This cross-curricular session provides opportunities for our younger visitors to investigate the key science area of materials whilst developing historical learning about changes within living memory.

Fabulous Forces, Fantastic Friction

Don your lab coats and goggles and explore how forces and friction are used in historic vehicles and daily life. Only got one hour free? Then take part in the larger than life experiments and discover what life would be like without friction. Want to extend your visit? Our second hour provides opportunities for your little professors to work scientifically in their own investigations.

Shocking Science

Meet eccentric inventor Theodore Sparkes and find out how electricity was used in the past. Taking inspiration from the electrified vehicles in the Streetlife Museum, your pupils will experience a hair-raising science show before conducting their own experiments with circuits.

Bridge Builders

Mr William Shelford, resident Victorian railway engineer, is looking for trainee engineers and navvies to help with the ultimate bridge building challenge. This session will transport your pupils back in time to discover more about Hull’s railway past. Will their bridges take the strain?

Our sessions have been designed for you to create your own super science day. Why not experiment by combining Fabulous Forces, Fantastic Friction with Transport Through Time (for Key Stage 1) or with Bridge Builders (for Key Stage 2).

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